In this story, I hope to answer some of the deep, dark and mysterious things about Rotary that perhaps you were afraid to ask or maybe just didn't know who to ask!  
Click this link to get some in-depth information about Rotary. But I will also give you some real Rotarian insights! 

Who is Rotary?

Every year, 1.1 million people around the world work hard to improve their communities through Rotary.  Rotary is people. Plain and simple. People who want to get together and do something for their community. Rotarians are people of actions who want to become part of a larger group to make a bigger splash in a big pond. 

What is Rotary?

Rotary is broken down into clubs.  Each club is a local organization that is made up of local people who want to do good in their community! 
In the age of making money and the soft sell, let me confirm to you what it is NOT!  It is not a pyramid scheme or way to make money. We are not going to ask you to sign up a friend, so they can sign up a friend. We don't sell makeup, groceries or anything else.   
We perform service.  It is an organization that wants to give back to the community.  To join, you must be committed to helping your neighbors, friends, and community and make that fabric stronger, tighter and more connected through service tasks, fundraisers and community outreach.
Our particular club meets on Tuesdays for breakfast at 7:30 am.  If you asked any of our 30 something members what Rotary is, you might get 30 answers.  We would, however, all agree on one thing - it is a place where we start off our day laughing, hooting and hollering about something  - sometimes meaningless and trivial and other times serious.  I've been in this Rotary for a few years now and I was hooked from day one. Mostly because I left the meeting laughing and giggling.   People have often told me - "that's insane, 7:30?  I can't do that".  But in the few years I have been a member, almost everyone who has expressed an interest leaves laughing and comes back to join. Of course, each club determines when and where they meet. Some for dinner, others for lunch.  Find a club that meets in the time frame you need!

Where are these "so called" clubs?

Ok, let's not get the wrong idea.  There are no secret passwords.  No funny hats. You do get some very fine pins though.   There are tens of thousands of clubs worldwide. In the US, there over 7500 clubs!  You can always find one at, but as you drive around - look for signs with the Rotary wheel on it!  They will usually tell you where and when the club meets.  Our little club meets at the Patterson Rec Center with a great breakfast!

Do I have to sell cookies or raffles?  Do I have to tell you the name of all my friends? What are you going to ask me to do?

The short answer is - you do have to be engaged in what your club wants to achieve.  You give what you can.  For me, sometimes I make a joke or I laugh. I don't claim to have any special talents so I volunteer to keep our events clean by taking out the garbage.  It might not be glamorous for sure -  but you would notice if you came to an event and it was strewn with junk!  Ok..I digress.
What do you have to do? We don't want any of your friends and families names.   The fact is, some clubs may sell cookies or raffles. Others have events like dinners, music events with food or something to raise money so that we can give it back to the local non-profits that need it.  You will be asked to help at those events - wherever your talent lies!  Of course, if you want to take on a club function you can! If you join our club, you may even become president by just looking presidential - so watch out! 
Whatever club you join - your role is governed by what YOU want to do - but you will have to do something.  In reality, when you see the reward of giving away money or personal assistance to those that need it most - you will want to do more!  And because it is local, you really feel connected to what is happening.

So What Else?

If I haven't convinced you to go to your local club or you have any unanswered questions - contact us!  We are always looking for new members.  Send an email to or just show up Tuesday morning if you are in Patterson, NY or at ANY rotary club.  You will be welcomed and ready to start on something big!
For more information about Rotary, see the link below:
Thanks for reading! Bob D..