The Patterson Rotary Club celebrated the chartering of their new Patterson Interact Club.  Interact is a branch of Rotary that teens from the ages of 12-18 can join.  They do service projects in their community and around the world and learn how to live our motto, Service Above Self.  We are so proud of these kids.  We currently have students from 4 different schools, Brewster, Carmel, Pawling and The Wooster School in Danbury, CT.  In just a few sort weeks, these kids and learned about each other and how to be a team.  We asked them to bring one service project idea to a meeting and these amazing kids came up with over 20!  
We have also be lucky enough to have a couple of kids who aren't quite old enough to join Interact, but want to do good, so we are also in the process of starting an EarlyAct club.  
If you have a child that wants to get involved, send our advisers an email at